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First Pitch is a Tribute to Every Veteran

You can retire a soldier out of the Army, but you can never retire the Army out of the soldier. Army Sergeant First Class Brian Keaton, a 20+ year serviceman and Iraq War veteran, loved baseball so much that when he was recovering from a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, doctors used baseball cards to help him repair brain function. …Continue reading →

The Shocking True Story: How Pringles are Made

To understand the nature of Pringles and other stackable chips, forget the notion they come from potatoes in any recognizable way. In an effort to avoid taxes levied against “luxury foods” such as chips (crisps) in the United Kingdom, the Pringles company once argued that the potato content of their chips was so low the product was technically not even a potato …Continue reading →

Break the Vicious Cycle with Cognitive Therapy

Sometimes it is better to just walk away when you’re angry. As naturopathic doctor Dan Labriola explains in The Seattle Times, anger is similar to fear on a psychological level as they both trigger “fight-or-flight” responses: You get a burst of heightened ability as your body goes into survival mode, including increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle strength, alertness and immune-system …Continue reading →

5 Amazing People

Excerpt of Article Written by Justen Charters | Independent Journal Review Victimhood has become a popular trend in society. There was the teen who tried to sue her parents because they would not pay her bills. The man who brought his wife to court because he was unsatisfied with her physical appearance. There was the recent story about a woman …Continue reading →

Walking Again After Paralysis

According to ABC7 Eyewitness News, “A paralyzed man is now able to move again after undergoing a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord. Darek Fidyka is now walking with assistance and has feeling in his lower extremities following the breakthrough procedure.” Caution: It is too early to know with certainty the therapy …Continue reading →

Sweet Adversity

In an article published by FamilyShare, Ben Luthi tells us “All things considered, life can be pretty rough sometimes. Adversity is no respecter of persons, but those who rise above adversity are able to recognize its role in their lives and take initiative to react to it positively. Over the last year, my life has taken some very unexpected turns.” …Continue reading →

Your New Normal

In an article published by Human.Social, Mitch Jackson compares the traditional airline passenger safety instructions to the Virgin America passenger safety video as proof “times are changing.” Those of us who, directly or indirectly, live with adversity (brain injury, stroke, seizure, ataxia, autism, memory loss, or disability) have a new normal. Our old normal has already been replaced by a new normal. Are you doing …Continue reading →

Are You More Likely to Catch Ebola Now?

I asked readers whether or not they felt a post about Ebola would be a good topic for this blog. Roughly the same number of readers supported the idea as those who opposed it. As such, I decided to write the post. I am neither an infectious disease specialist nor a physician, so I relied heavily on data reported by CNN, Fox News, and other media outlets. Myths I …Continue reading →

Thank You for Not Believing in Me

During the past few years, I have written several posts about overcoming the “I can’t” mentality that frequently affects survivors of adversity and the people with whom they interact. I have also written posts about what to do when other people tell you that “you can’t” achieve something. When I saw the following video, in which Marie Forleo explains how she turned a negative “escalator …Continue reading →

Free Nutrition Course — Part 5 of 5

All posts in the series titled Free Nutrition Course summarize information on the Precision Nutrition website. Although the information is not specific to brain injury, ataxia, seizures, strokes, aphasia, autism or disability, the information is pertinent to the conditions that concern us. Please note, information in this post may not account for your specific allergies, dietary restrictions, or other specific restrictions. …Continue reading →

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Hi, I'm Scott. When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, my first thought was the diagnosis is wrong. I quickly learned the diagnosis was right – my brain and I needed help immediately.

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