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I See Something In You

Although the following video does not mention cancer, brain injury, ataxia, stroke, seizure, vision challenges, hearing loss, disability, or any specific adverse situation, the speaker, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, shares a valuable message and delivers it in a memorable way. The message may change the way we see adversity. Hettiarachchi is the World Champion of Public Speaking as determined by Toastmasters International. Credits Click here to read …Continue reading →


I decided to take a vacation later this month. My plan is to carpool (sleep in the car), while a friend drives from my house in California to his house in Texas. Rather than stay on my friend’s couch for the rest of my life, I will fly home after spending a week in Texas. I used all the travel sites to find the best …Continue reading →

Woodpeckers Teach Scientists

The following information comes to us from a post on the Voice of America blog. Sounding like a miniature jackhammer in overdrive, a quiet morning’s peace is suddenly interrupted by bursts of loud, rapid tapping.  It doesn’t take long to realize the intense and precise tapping is the sound of a woodpecker using its beak to search for food or build …Continue reading →

From Brain Injury to Corporate Director

In an article that appeared in Northern Echo, we learn about the events that led Mike Lever to change the direction of his working life. According to Mike, ‘It was 2008 and I worked for Northern Rock. Our daughter Miah had been born through IVF. She was early and it had been a tough time, in and out of the …Continue reading →

Painting Depicts Life with Brain Injury

The paintings of many 11-year-olds are most likely displayed on a refrigerator at the house of a family member. However, Joshua Russell-Douglas achieved something that older and far more established artists can only dream of – having his art on display at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. According to an article I saw on Edinburgh News, “Joshua volunteered to paint a picture …Continue reading →

So Many Choices, So Little Time

I am not sure why my Google search suggested the website, but I’m glad it did. It was not obvious to me why the site was listed in my search results; I clicked the link out of curiosity rather than an a desire to obtain the information for which I was searching. The link brought me to a blog, Speaking of Apps, which …Continue reading →

Using More Than 10% of Your Brain

Several months ago, I watched the movie Lucy. Although the movie may not accurately portray facts as we know them today, there is a strong possibility we may know more about the brain tomorrow than we know today. Scientific, technological, and medical breakthroughs that have changed our lives immeasurably were, at one point, impossible, impractical, and even considered science fiction. …Continue reading →

Winning the Game

There are many different ways to measure the success of recovery. Some survivors consider their ability to walk, talk, move, or socialize as the key indicators of success. Others define success in terms of returning to something such as their “old normal, the place the injury occurred, or the activity they were doing when the injury happened (riding a horse, driving …Continue reading →

Regaining Consciousness

Guest Post by Deb Angus I sustained a diffuse mild traumatic brain injury in 2001 at the hands of a distracted driver. My husband and I were hit from behind while stopped at a red light. Although the airbags did not deploy, and there was little damage to our vehicle, my whole world turned upside down. The collision caused me …Continue reading →

The New You — Accounting for Positive Memories

I recently wrote about a project which, if successful, could store human memories then import them if the original memories were lost due to injury. Although the study is designed for military personnel only, the potential is that all people who have stored their memories could upload them in case of memory loss due to injury, illness, time, and other …Continue reading →

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Hi, I'm Scott. When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, my first thought was the diagnosis is wrong. I quickly learned the diagnosis was right – my brain and I needed help immediately.

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