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Brain Injury May Cause Epilepsy

Disclaimer I am not a neurologist, biologist, resident, medical student, researcher, or research assistant. I do not have, nor have I ever had, epilepsy. However, I have a brain injury and I believe the findings of the Tufts University School of Medicine study could be important to some members of our community. This post is most likely to interest survivors, …Continue reading →

More Than a Bump on the Head

Disclaimer This post is based on the article titled “More Than a Bump on the Head: Brain Injury,” which was written by Emily Klein and published by Barista Kids. Text under the heading “Article” was written by Klein, but her full article does not appear in this post. However, I included a link to the full article under the heading “Credits.” …Continue reading →

Offering Veterans Free Oxygen Treatment for PTSD

Disclaimer Text under the heading “Article” is from the article titled, “Oklahoma closer to offering veterans free oxygen treatment for brain injuries, PTSD” which was written by Rebecca Schleicher for Fox 25 KOKH-TV, Oklahoma City. The article and this post will interest anyone who is concerned about our veterans and anyone who wants to know more about hyperbaric therapy as a …Continue reading →

Accepting and Excelling

Disclaimer The inspiration for this post is an article titled “Presence of Mind” which was written by Jenna Chandler and was published by the Orange County Register in its Wellness section. Text under the heading “Summary” was written by Chandler. I included only some of her article in this post. Summary Jonathan Redmond was born with a rare disorder that led to …Continue reading →

Paying It Forward

Introduction The story in this post does not directly pertain to survivors or caregivers. The story does not directly address adversity (brain injury, stroke, seizure, ataxia, autism, etc.). However, the story proves even a young person can, with a positive attitude and an act of kindness, make the world a better place.     Article There are many articles about the main story and its related …Continue reading →

The To-Do List

Disclaimer I did not author the following quote. I see what appears to be a website below the quote, but the print is so small that I cannot read it even when I look at it with a magnifying glass. I believe I see the letters “SBC,” but I am not sure. A Google search of companies and groups with …Continue reading →

Overcoming Adversity with Cards

Introduction The inspiration for this post is Richard Turner who identifies himself as a card mechanic who cannot see. Although many people consider their adversity to be a tragic loss from which there is no escape, Turner shows the world it is possible overcome adversity and achieve success. “No matter what hand you are dealt, let no one tell you what …Continue reading →

Diving Into a Cure for Brain Injury

  Disclaimer I am not a doctor, nurse, therapist, or medical technician. I do not own a hyperbaric chamber, and I have not received hyperbaric therapy. I chose to write this post because a few readers of the Beyond Injury blog asked me to summarize the benefits and complications of hyperbaric therapy in the treatment of brain injury.   Introduction …Continue reading →

Focusing on the Positive

Disclaimer The title of this post, and all text under the headers “Article” and “Credits,” was written by Rick Von Linsowe who also approved the use of his article by Beyond Injury. To the best of my knowledge, Duracell is owned by Proctor & Gamble.     Article In 1998, when I found myself in a nursing home with a …Continue reading →

Structure of the Brain

Disclaimer All content under the heading “Article” was written by National Geographic. I rarely include posts about brain anatomy in my blog, but I feel the National Geographic article provides a great description of the brain at a level that does not require a doctorate in neuro-anatomy to understand. If you have no interest in learning about the brain, skip …Continue reading →

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Hi, I'm Scott. When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, my first thought was the diagnosis is wrong. I quickly learned the diagnosis was right – my brain and I needed help immediately.

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