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Boy with Brain Injury Defies the Odds

Nathan Gezzer is 14 years old, an eighth grader at Amherst Junior High School. He’s also a new member of the junior varsity cross country team. That alone may not seem remarkable, but when Nathan Gezzer was three years old he was shaken by his stepdad and left with a traumatic brain injury. His stepdad was convicted and went to jail …Continue reading →

The Art of Thinking

One of the many recent brain-wave creativity experiments involved canvas, paint, detonators, balloons, and mind-readng headsets. Chinese artist Jody Xiong’s “Mind Art” project consisted of 16 disabled men and women each of whom used a brain-wave-reading headset and the other supplies to create beautiful art. In an article on Yahoo, tech columnist Rob Walker notes that “the balloons were filled …Continue reading →

Creating Music with Brain Waves

In an article on Yahoo, tech columnist Rob Walker notes that we pointed, clicked, tapped, and swiped. “Some of us spoke to Siri, some waved our hands at the Kinect. Yet the quest to control our technology with minimal effort continues. We haven’t quite come up with a system that literally reads our minds, but we’re getting closer to one …Continue reading →

Aiming for Success

“Success is 1% inspiration and 99% Perspiration” ~ Thomas Edison Your injury, illness, and adversity are not mentioned in the quote. They have nothing to do with attaining, or failing to attain, success. The following illustation will help you determine if you are heading toward success or failure. Although failure can be a great learning opportunity, it is better to …Continue reading →

Failure Isn’t Fatal

Introduction The following text is an excerpt of an article written by Harvey Mackay who is one of my favorite writers. If you read any of his books, he will be one of your favorite authors too. Although many people read his books to strengthen their sales skill, I believe the words he writes also help people overcome their adversities. …Continue reading →

Navigating a Life They Never Imagined

In an article Mark Emmons wrote for the San Jose Mercury News, Emmons reveals that “as Jessica Huse struggled to hold her head up, her mother brushed back her hair and gently kissed her on the forehead. ‘Life happens,’ Lisa Huse said quietly as she straightened Jessica’s neck more comfortably into a brace attached to her wheelchair. ‘And life goes …Continue reading →

Maintaining Muscle with Your Mind

When we think about retaining muscle, we generally think about spending hours at the gym lifting weights, participating in boot camp, or some other physical exercise such as swimming, cycling, or running. Some people also combine their exercise with nutritious meals, drinking lots of water, and taking nutritional supplements. What if you were sick, in a cast, or otherwise unable …Continue reading →

Bang! You’re Dead

Click here to watch the CTV Toronto News Barrie video. In an article written by Arielle Duhaime-Ross and published by The Verge, we learn the excerpt of an Alfred Hitchcock TV show helped researchers find consciousness in a patient who had been unresponsive for 16 years. When doctors suspect a patient might be in a “vegetative” state following a serious brain injury, they run a plethora of …Continue reading →

Functioning Without a Cerebellum

Neurosurgeons reported in the Journal of Neurology the case of a 24-year-old woman who, after a series of brain scans to investigate dizziness, discovered she was born without a cerebellum. Located at the back of the brain, the cerebellum is estimated to contain half the neurons of the entire brain. Experts used to think the cerebellum was associated with only balance and coordination, but …Continue reading →

Non-traumatic Brain Injuries

The following infographic provides a great overview of non-traumatic brain injuries.

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Hi, I'm Scott. During the past 11 years, I was diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, ataxia, visual difficulties, and auditory problems. I have overcome significant adversity! Let me show you how to overcome your challenges.

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